Low Cost Business Idea Series -1

Hello everyone! The recession is on full blast and  businesses are folding up due to high costs and low customer sales. It makes sense to be in a business where setup and running costs are very low resulting in low selling prices but with high demand and sales. Does this sound too good to be […] READ ARTICLE

Give away your products for free and make more MONEY!

Is it possible to give away your products or services for free and make more money? Conventional wisdom says NO it is not possible. So how come Television and Radio stations, internet companies particularly Facebook and Google are making more money every year using a modification of the ‘freemium’ business model? The traditional freemium model […] READ ARTICLE

Business Model Innovation (Video)

Innovation is not about a new idea. It is simply doing your business in a different way to delight customers and you can copy and test the best ideas from other industries to achieve this.This video gives the details.


How to write a one page business plan (video)

If you read our earlier post on the uses of a business plan, you will agree that business plans are absolutely essential at all stages of business growth. However, nobody including the experts enjoy writing business plans because they are long worded, time taking and brain tasking. Do you really need long pages of text […] READ ARTICLE

Why do You Need a Business Plan?

We meet many entrepreneurs at conferences, industry meetings, Workshops and other events and often we hear the question “why is it necessary to have a business plan”? These entrepreneurs then recite a list of businesses that are successful without a business plan. We then respond by asking them if Google, Dangote, Health Plus, Shoprite e.t.c […] READ ARTICLE