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Business Conception, Planning,
Strategy, and Funding Facilitation

We build world-class businesses

Welcome to Highnet Resources Ltd.

Our Mission

Our mission is to prepare Nigerian companies to compete and win in the global economy by helping new and existing businesses operate efficiently and create products and services that will be world-class.

We carry out various forms of business research, including customer feedback, competitor analysis, product research, due diligence, advertising research, e.t.c. We have business research methods for all company sizes.

We write business plans and feasibility studies for companies across various sectors, including the health, telecommunications, education, retail and distribution sectors, among others. 

We help businesses get loans and equity funding from various financial institutions and equity investors. We have linkages with the Bank of Industry (BOI), USAID, and other funding institutions.

We help organisations solve challenges, create value, maximise growth, and improve business performance. We provide objective advice, and help organisations develop specialist skills they may be lacking.

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