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“Business Selection and Opportunities” Seminar

The year 2015 brought many scary changes to the business environment. New foreign exchange restrictions, reduced cash flow, infrastructural inadequacies and many more issues challenged the survival of individual businesses and caused the retrenchment of many workers. If you are already in a business affected by these changes the sad truth is that it might not survive in the changed environment and selecting a new business might be the only way out. If you have lost your job or retiring soon selecting and starting a new profitable business venture might just be the answer to your current or potential cash flow problems.

Don’t fall into the trap of starting a particular business just because you have seen and heard success stories about the business sector or your friend, relative or colleague tells you, “It’s a fantastic business.” Customers will part with their hard-earned money only if they’re getting their money’s worth, so your product or service must offer more value compared to your competitors’ and earn enough profits for you to remain in business.

If you do not want to select a business that will fail, get the training that provides the selection tools. Our business selection and opportunities seminar focuses on answering the essential question “does the business idea make economic sense and should you proceed with it?” The course also examines the growing business sectors and opportunities in the Nigerian economy and how they should be analyzed in the business selection process.

Dates: Saturday, 20th February 2016,

Venue: LCCI Conference & Exhibition Centre,10 Nurudeen Olowopopo Drive (behind MKO Gardens) Alausa, Ikeja, (behind MKO Gardens), Lagos

Time: 8:30 – 3pm

Entry Fee:  ₦20,000 (Covers course material, breakfast & lunch with drink)

Early bird discounts ranging from 20% on payments made in January and 10% for payments made in February at least 2 weeks before the seminar date.

Referral discounts of 20% for each participant you refer which means a 100% entry fee refund or free attendance for referring 5 seminar participants.

Pay to: FCMB Bank, Highnet Resources Ltd, 3336402011