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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]YOUTEM: Creating a new direction  for Youths in the midst of a job crisis

The average Nigerian youth believes that there is a nice job waiting for him or her  after leaving school. A lot of them are surprised when the reality of the actual job search  hits them and the very high unemployment rate figures. 

Some Nigerian Youths look for jobs for up to 4 or more years after leaving school while others dream of better lives in other countries and try to save money to leave Nigeria for America, UK and Europe. Others even take to criminal activities including internet fraud (popularly known as Yahoo-Yahoo), Kidnapping, Armed robbery and political thuggery. Leaving Nigeria as an illegal immigrant and or choosing a life of crime are dangerous decisions with significant risks attached to them and are NOT worth the effort no matter how easy it looks.

But most Nigerian youths do not know the truth about the world we live in today. Yes 9-5 steady office jobs  may not be readily available but there are other legal ways to earn a living and create a good future for themselves.

The Youth Entrepreneurship Mentoring (YOUTEM) programme is the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of Highnet Resources. It is the company’s effort at reducing the worrisome problem of youth unemployment in Nigeria by building the capacity of the youths. The YOUTEM programme is aimed at equipping young people with the necessary skills and knowledge to be self-employed by starting and managing their own businesses or as freelancers.

Youths in this programme will be taught on how to start and successfully run their own businesses by experienced Entrepreneurs. They will participate in regular and supportive technical and business workshops along with webinars, which will help them stay updated on technical skills, new business trends, innovations and money making opportunities. Coaching and mentoring will also be provided during the critical start-up phase. All at no cost to participants.

Benefits of the YOUTEM Programme:

  • Technical, soft and business skills acquisition
  • Apprenticeship and internship placements
  • Business incubation
  • Business Funding Facilitation 

If you are interested in this programme, kindly fill this google form below:

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