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Detailed Industry Reports

Detailed Industry Reports

We conduct market surveys and compile different industry reports which could be used as input into decision making

Industry Report

An industry is a classification that refers to groups of companies that are related based on their primary business activities. In modern economies, there are dozens of industry classifications, which are typically grouped into larger categories called sectors, with individual companies being classified into an industry based on their largest sources of revenue. While an automobile manufacturer might have a financing division, contributing 10% to overall revenues, the company is still classified as an auto maker for categorization purposes. The automobile industry makes cars and car parts. The food service industry prepares food and delivers it to hotels, schools, and other big facilities, the food processing industry transforms harvested food from its raw form to processed forms.

An industry report is a comprehensive account of a particular industry, containing a depth of information, facts and statistics. Companies need to understand their industry to analyse its competitors, total industry output, cost and selling prices and how to get and sustain competitive advantage. Financial institutions are able to make better lending and investment decisions by understanding industry dynamics and trends while government can set better policies and forecast tax revenues through industry knowledge.

Highnet Resources conducts market surveys and compiles different industry reports which could be used as input into decision making for business plans or feasibility reports by SMEs or large companies, credit appraisal and analysis by financial institutions and policy crafting by government organizations.

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