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How the Mobile Phone can Save Costs

Graphic1With the introduction of new technology communication has also changed. Today is the era of wireless communication which gave rise to mobile phones which have gradually evolved since inception. Apart from communication so many functions have been added to the mobile phone and Mobile phones have gone beyond the level of phone calls, Facebook, Skype or whatsapp.

Let us ask you a few questions:

What is your mobile phone to you?

Is it a toy or a tool?

Is your mobile phone a time saver or a time waster?

Is your mobile phone a productivity tool or a play tool?

Is it a toy that wastes your time with gossip, news and social updates from celebrities, or is it a device that puts the entire world at your fingertips?

There are so many activities you can carry out on your phone which can save you cost and energy.

Cost Saving Activities you can carry out on your Mobile Phone;

  1. Scanning: Why buy a scanner when you can scan directly with your smartphone. All you need do is to download a scanning application from google playstore. There are several applications you can download such as Evernote Scannable, Camscanner, Scanbot, Microsoft Office Lens, They enable you scan document and import them to your device. These apps are user friendly.


  1. TV Remote Control: When you lost your remote, you can use your android phone as a TV remote. Surprised? Some of these Android devices come fitted with infrared blasters. You may probably not know that. Phones like HTC one and Samsung Galaxy S4. You can download the apps on Google play store for free.


  1. Shopping: You can shop directly from phone and get it delivered to your doorstep within a blink of an eye. There is no need driving a long distance to get things. It saves you your energy, fuel and you can channel your time into doing other


  1. Sending Files: Every smartphone device enables you to have access to your mails, and not only that you can send attached files (notwithstanding the size) directly from your phone. So there is no need going to a cyber café queuing up for the next available system or paying exorbitant fee to send files.


  1. WIFI Hotspot: Is there a need to buy a laptop modem? The least price for such Modems is N5,000. Smartphones do have Wi-Fi functions which allow you connect Laptops directly to the internet. Many networker providers have upgraded to 4G service, which has an incredible speed which have improved WIFI speeds too.wi-fi_hotspot


  1. Scanning QR and Barcodes: QR is short for Quick Response. They are used to take piece of information from a transitory media. QR codes are usually seen in Magazine advert, billboard or even someone’s t-shirt. The QR gives you information such as product details, contact details, offer details etc. to view this you need to purchase a hand held scanner. But with your smartphone, there is no need nee to purchase that, you can scan directly from your phone.


  1. Newspaper and Books: We mentioned this in our previous article 8 Things You Should Never Pay For. You can get daily news updates on your phone, as events happen. This eliminates the need to by print paper and this also applies to books, there are several Ebooks you can get for free and some with little charge compared to the paperback versions.

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