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8 office items or services you should NEVER pay for

Business expenses keep rising due to inflation while sales are not rising as fast due to reduced purchasing power. This blog post series will help you save money on office expenses and equipment by using cheaper alternatives and cutting down on waste.


  1. BANK FEES: Why pay for bank alerts via SMS when you can receive bank notifications directly on your phone via email. Moreover, an email alert after each transaction will have your account balance which saves you having to use an ATM or phone code to check the balance.
  2. BOOKS AND NEWSPAPER: with your smartphone or tablet, you can access any news online for free without having to pay for it. With the internet you can get quick and fast news. Several ebooks are available for free while other require money but are still cheaper than hard copies. Click here for free ebooks
  3. SCANNERS: Scanning of document can be done directly from our phone or tablet with the use of applications (apps) such as camscanner, scanwritr, quickscan e.t.c. These apps will eliminate the need to purchase a scanner or to go out to a cybercafé to scan documents. It saves costs and time.

Watch out for our upcoming articles on How Mobile Phone can save Costs.

  1. BOTTLE WATER: There is no need buying bottled water on a daily basis, when you can save by purchasing a water dispenser. Water dispensers provide you with multiple options, it can supply you with hot, cold and moderate water. Dispensers provide clean, safe and cheap drinking water for employers, employees and visitors.
  2. PRINTER INK: Although printer manufacturing companies caution against recycling old cartridges or using other sellers’ ink kits to replenish them, in reality doing so instead of buying brand-new refills is usually safe and can save you a considerable amount of money. If printing quality begins to suffer, then consider splurging for a new cartridge. Until then, you’ll save well over half the cost of buying new cartridges.
  3. OFFICE MAINTENANCE JOBS: There are some small office works we should be able to carry out ourselves. For example, changing the power cable of our computer or changing the bulbs in our office. There are some services we do not have to pay for. If we cannot achieve that during the week we can utilize the weekend so well by getting the work done. By so doing you will protect your wallet, instead of getting someone to do it and paying in return. You can indirectly use it as a way of gaining more knowledge and saving costs.
  4. SUBSCRIPTIONS YOU DO NOT USE: Some online and phone subscriptions are renewed automatically, weekly, monthly or annually. Caller tunes does not add any value to your business. You can browse for health tips online for free instead of subscribing weekly for a charge. If a service is not useful to you, it is best that you unsubscribe from it.
  5. INTERNET MODEM: Your smartphone and tablet now have inbuilt WIFI tethering hotspots that allow you to use your phone or tablet as a WIFI modem. So why spend all that money buying an Internet MODEM when you can use the data and WIFI on your phone directly?

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