Executive Summaries Value Bundle

Business research and selection for a startup or diversification plan is never easy. There are many business opportunities and entrepreneurs often have to consider many alternatives before seeking the detailed information contained in a feasibility report and eventually a business plan. However, business research is expensive and there is no guarantee that the research results will indicate a sizable enough market opportunity to justify your entry into the sector.

Advantages of the Executive summary Value Bundle

  • The summary of the information in the feasibility report and business plan is contained in the executive summary so it is is a good starting point to find out if the business is attractive enough to justify further research.
  • Our typical single executive summary can cost as much as N15,000 to N30,000 which is about 10% of the value of the complete business plan or feasibility report, but the value bundle which includes five executive summaries costs only for N5000. Thus, the value bundle enables significant cost savings.
  • The value bundle can be used to explore the business opportunities in various industries which can then guide business selection and this will reduce your startup or diversification costs.
  • If the executive summary indicate that a market opportunity exists and you have the capital and team to exploit the opportunity, you can then go ahead to gather more research by purchasing the complete business plan or feasibility report and implement your business objectives.

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