Feasibility Report for Livestock (Small Ruminants) Marketing


The most critical factor bearing on the Nigerian  meat  industry  is  the  presence  of  the  import  ban which  creates  a  protected,  captive  high-price  market  for producers and drives-up prices for domestic consumers. As demand  for  red  meat  exceeds  supply,  everything  that the meat  sector  can  produce  is  sold.  Red  meat  prices  have  increased  sharply  at  a  rate  of  20%  per  annum  for  the  last twenty years against an underlying inflation rate around 12%.

At present, large scale ranches for small ruminants (Cows, Goats and Sheep) are few in Nigeria. The nomadic Fulanis provide over 85 percent of Nigerian beef supplies i.e. most of Nigeria’s sheep and goats are in the north, where the Fulani maintain an approximate ratio of 30 percent sheep and goats to 70 percent cattle. About 40 percent of northern non Fulani farming households are estimated to keep sheep and goats.

However, the meat sold from both Fulani and non – Fulani sources are often from emaciated livestock without vet care, diseased and not traceable for disease control management purposes. Moreover, the Fulani nomadic system of production is increasingly coming under pressure from rapidly changing social, economic and political situations as Nigeria develops. At the same time, an increasing number of consumers want healthier meat from regulated livestock growers and slaughterhouses.

This present situation has created business opportunities for ranches, slaughter houses and ruminants marketing intermediaries that can fatten ruminants under healthier conditions  and set up a tracking system for disease control management .

Table of Contents - Feasibility Report

1 Executive Summary
2 Description of the opportunity
2.1 The Problems
2.2 The Solution
3  Products & services description
4 Business Environment
5 The Red Meat Livestock Industry
6 The Target Market
6.1 Market Segments
6.2 Market Size and Growth
6.3 Market Trends
6.4 Competitor analysis
6.5 Competitive advantage
7 Marketing plan
8 Operating Plan
8.1 Supply Chain
8.2 Equipment and Facilities
9 Financial Plan Projections
10 Risk Management
11 Conclusion

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