How the Mobile Phone can Save Costs

With the introduction of new technology communication has also changed. Today is the era of wireless communication which gave rise to mobile phones which have gradually evolved since inception. Apart from communication so many functions have been added to the mobile phone and Mobile phones have gone beyond the level of phone calls, Facebook, Skype […] READ ARTICLE

Why You Do Not Need An Office

In the past, the importance of an office was paramount even if it meant having a kiosk where you can put a table and chair with a standing fan, that can accommodate at least 2 people at a time is very important.  At least you could have meetings, meet with coworkers, and ensure all works […] READ ARTICLE

Do you Need an Office?

The word ‘office’ may conjure images of small cubicles, fluorescent lighting, chairs and desks. An office is any environment to which people dedicate most of their business hours. Everybody assumes that an office is the key to any business because it is the activity center for everything to do with a business. Of course, there […] READ ARTICLE

15 ways to cut down office costs

Many businesses are failing today because so many have higher expenses than sales. Thus, while entrepreneurs should focus on increasing sales they should also focus on reducing costs to maximize profit. This article will lead you through some good ways to reduce costs. EDUCATE YOUR EMPLOYEES  Educate your employees on the need to cut expenses […] READ ARTICLE

8 office items or services you should NEVER pay for

Business expenses keep rising due to inflation while sales are not rising as fast due to reduced purchasing power. This blog post series will help you save money on office expenses and equipment by using cheaper alternatives and cutting down on waste. BANK FEES: Why pay for bank alerts via SMS when you can receive […] READ ARTICLE

Definition of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SME)

Finding a global definition for SMEs has often proved very problematic due to the varying sizes and depth of individual country economies which have resulted in varying SME definitions by different institutions and countries. As the IFC (2010) noted, defining SMEs depends on the local banking context and economy size so while international organizations like […] READ ARTICLE

Good Product or Service but Low Sales

Yes it is possible to have a good product and low sales if you ignore the marketing mix.


Shea Butter Processing for Export

Nigeria is the largest producer of Shea in the world but has less brand recognition than other West African producers in export markets. Shea trees are found in 21 states in Nigeria but only four states – Kebbi, Kwara, Oyo and Niger have export grade shea in abundant quantity. In 2014 Nigeria produced about 358,720 […] READ ARTICLE

A Guide to Writing a Business Plan

Why do you need a business plan? People continue to ask this question all the time because of the amount of effort that goes into writing a plan. The best answer I have read about why you absolutely need  to know the business inside-out before you start is this: “The more experience you have in […] READ ARTICLE

Low Cost Business Ideas series -2

A successful business MUST solve a problem for customers so the equation could be (problems = business opportunities = solutions x money charged) . Africa and Nigeria in particular have a lot of problems. So stop complaining about the problems and create the solutions to make the MONEY!