The Business Opportunity for a Packing house and Funding Sources

In spite of being the second largest producer of Tomato in Africa and 14th in the world consumption of tomatoes has witnessed faster growth than Nigeria’s population since year 2000. The supply deficit of tomatoes does not occur from production but from shrinkages and wastages resulting from supply chain inefficiencies and lack of cold storage […] READ ARTICLE

How the VAT Increase will affect Business in Nigeria

In November 2019 the Nigerian senate approved the Finance bill presented by President Buhari. It is supposed to be a landmark bill which overhauls major tax issues but notably increases the VAT rate from 5% to 7.5%. The major focus has been on the VAT increase which its opponents say will increase the cost of […] READ ARTICLE

Using Technology to Solve Business Problems

Many business owners run one man companies when starting their companies due to low cashflow needed to hire competent staff. Thus business owners find themselves doing marketing, sales, accounting, operations and all other roles needed to make a business functional and end up not doing any of them well. Even when the business grows and […] READ ARTICLE

Using Productivity Tools To Reduce Costs

This is the first of our series on increasing productivity at reduced costs. There are various tools to achieving this and this post focuses on ERP systems and internet use monitoring software. ERP Systems ERP is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning, but even its full name doesn’t shed much light on what ERP is […] READ ARTICLE

Accessing Business Finance Seminar on 16th November 2017

ACCESSING BUSINESS FINANCE SEMINAR Overview of the ‘Accessing Business Finance’ Seminar The Problem Many companies especially MSMEs face a number of special challenges in their quest for survival and growth in Nigeria. Their biggest constraints to growth are a lack of access to finance, poor infrastructure and difficulty in getting machines/spare parts/raw materials and skills […] READ ARTICLE

How the Mobile Phone can Save Costs

With the introduction of new technology communication has also changed. Today is the era of wireless communication which gave rise to mobile phones which have gradually evolved since inception. Apart from communication so many functions have been added to the mobile phone and Mobile phones have gone beyond the level of phone calls, Facebook, Skype […] READ ARTICLE

Why You Do Not Need An Office

In the past, the importance of an office was paramount even if it meant having a kiosk where you can put a table and chair with a standing fan, that can accommodate at least 2 people at a time is very important.  At least you could have meetings, meet with coworkers, and ensure all works […] READ ARTICLE

Do you Need an Office?

The word ‘office’ may conjure images of small cubicles, fluorescent lighting, chairs and desks. An office is any environment to which people dedicate most of their business hours. Everybody assumes that an office is the key to any business because it is the activity center for everything to do with a business. Of course, there […] READ ARTICLE

15 ways to cut down office costs

Many businesses are failing today because so many have higher expenses than sales. Thus, while entrepreneurs should focus on increasing sales they should also focus on reducing costs to maximize profit. This article will lead you through some good ways to reduce costs. EDUCATE YOUR EMPLOYEES  Educate your employees on the need to cut expenses […] READ ARTICLE

8 office items or services you should NEVER pay for

Business expenses keep rising due to inflation while sales are not rising as fast due to reduced purchasing power. This blog post series will help you save money on office expenses and equipment by using cheaper alternatives and cutting down on waste. BANK FEES: Why pay for bank alerts via SMS when you can receive […] READ ARTICLE